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Tire repairs, wheel service and industrial rubber repair products.

Tech International History


In 1939, Tech International was established in Johnstown, Ohio as Technical Rubber Company, Inc. Company founder, Charles Cornell, was a rubber industry professional who saw the need for a better tire repair product. He established his business to meet this need and pioneered a cold vulcanizing process that repaired tires without requiring heat, revolutionizing the tire repair industry in the U.S.

Cornell’s innovation led to a complete line of tire and tube repair products and set the stage for product breakthroughs at TECH that include self-vulcanizing inserts, centering radial repairs and Uni-Seal Repair units.


The vision Cornell had not only launched a business, but created a legacy of generations to come. Now, 75 years after Cornell began creating tire repairs, Tech International is directed by the fourth-generation of family leaders. Still headquartered in Johnstown, Ohio, Tech has grown to become an international manufacturer and distributor of more than 10,000 tire repair, wheel service and industrial rubber products with 14 international offices and customers in 95 countries.