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Tire repairs, wheel service and industrial rubber repair products.

Tire Repair
Industrial Rubber
Tech International is a global leader in tire repairs, wheel service products, and industrial rubber products.

Tire Repair Industry

Through our TECH Tire Repairs and Truflex/PANG brands, as well as several private label brands, Tech International produces a full range of tire repair materials for tires ranging from passenger tires, to off-the-road tires and ATVs.

Tech International produces radial and bias repair units, plug-patch combination repairs, inserts, RFID tags, vulcanizing cements and related chemicals, uncured cushion gum, and extruded rubber.  We also partner with top-quality suppliers to offer all the tools and machinery required to properly repair and service tires.

Along with our trusted repair and service products, Tech offers hands-on training to Teach Each Customer How to use our products.

Industrial Rubber

Our PANG Industrial™ line keeps your business rolling with products for conveyor belt repair and maintenance, and machine protection. Used all over the world in industries from mining to food processing, PANG products are designed for repairs, protection, bonding, pulley lagging and belt fabrication.

Through Tech International production and partnerships with top-grade suppliers, PANG offers bonding cements and prep chemicals, repair units and resins, rubber lining and all the tools needed for repair and splicing.

We recently introduced a two-day training course featuring our PANG products and applications for conveyor belt repair, splicing, and cold bonding with our pulley lagging and rubber lining.